How To Make Money Without Monetizing Your Youtube Channel


Note: This is an ongoing article. I will keep adding more earning methods in the list time to time as I find the best ones.

In today’s world, especially after the global pandemic, people all around the world are looking for the ways to earn online by staying at home. Now, with smartphones in every hand, people are making a lot videos and are interested in making money with them.

Are you interested in this as well?

Obviously, you are! That is why you have reached to this article.

Now, as there are a lot of videos being uploaded on YouTube. The criteria of monetizing a YouTube have also been made tough.

So, what now?

Do you think if you can’t meet that criteria, you can’t earn through YouTube?

Or if you have already met that criteria but you think the income you are earning by monetizing the channel is not enough, and looking for more ways, here we are to help!

We are going to look at several ways to make money on YouTube without monetizing your channel. We also found some great examples from big brands and reached out to them for tips so you may learn the tactics they use.

Many smaller creators depend on YouTube views to make a living, and the most successful YouTubers receive millions of dollars per year. Advertisement revenue, brand alliances, personal business projects, and other revenue streams have made well-known content creators a lot richer. We’ll look at all the other ways YouTubers can make money on and off the platform in the section below:

Creative artists and publishers should think of themselves as small businesses, and being too dependent on one revenue source or network is risky for any business. The remedy is to diversify your sources of revenue.

How YouTubers can earn money from digital advertising?

There are many ways you can use to earn money using digital advertising. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Include Affiliate Links In Your Details

Include Affiliate Links In Your Youtube Videos

It has no costs, and applying to the affiliate programmers of the websites you visit takes just a few steps. It also has a low-to-moderate earning potential, and everyone can take advantage of it. This is the one paid marketing strategy that anyone can use, depending on the type of videos they create. Attaching affiliate links to descriptions takes very little time and will bring in steady revenue for any YouTuber.

Destin Sandlin A Youtuber
Destin Sandlin A Youtuber

There are some examples, such as Destin Sandlin (a YouTuber), whose channel is all about science and artifacts. He selected an affiliate marketing strategy to fit his target demographics of intellectually interested people who wants to learn more about the specific products. He said that, your audience will know that you truly believe in the products of your sponsors. Never sell something you haven’t tried or aren’t convinced of.

Let’s look at the factors that contribute to the progress.

Success Factors

Transparency and integrity are critical considerations for long-term success with affiliates. Never sell something you don’t believe in, and make sure you’re clear about your relationship with the brand. Another important thing is that you should understand the demographics of people who watch your videos. It will allow you to choose items that your audience will find most useful, resulting in increased sales for you. Also, based on pricing and skill level, you should suggest a variety of items. You’ll see an improvement in revenue and customer loyalty as a result of your affiliate videos.

Sponsorships or Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships with Your Youtube Channel
Brand Partnerships with Your Youtube Channel

It also has the opportunity for a high-paying career. Individuals who produce educational content, instructional activities, and professionals who use front-line equipment, as well as those who strongly discuss a particular ideology, image, or culture, will find this a good fit. Andrew Huang and Andrew Huang, two well-known YouTubers, have created a fantastic illustration of an upheld video.

A brand Ambassador is a YouTuber who has established some sort of contract with the brand to promote their products in its own way. You can see many influencers doing this and earn a huge income using this technique.

Success Factors

A brand’s first bid is always considerably lower than what they’re able to offer. Furthermore, since you have a limited audience in the beginning, you might be out of reach for certain brands, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested in collaborating with you. Gather data on your audience, interaction, and previous traffic, and then approach a brand you are willing to collaborate and see if they’d be interested in sponsoring a video.

Sell Product Units and Merchandise

Sell Products with Youtube Channel
Sell Products with Youtube Channel

You can sell your hand made products or buy some inventory and make videos on them, then sell them to your viewers. But keep in mind that inventory acquisition has a high initial cost. But the earning opportunity varies for this. You may get very good sales, and not get any sale at all.

Kendyll Hillegas A Youtuber
Kendyll Hillegas A Youtuber

Or you can collaborate with people with a huge following to sell your products or the people who create physical products and you sell them to your viewers can be a good match. Kendyll Hillegas, for example, paints realistic portraits of daily foods and has amassed a dedicated YouTube following as a result of her walkthrough tutorials. She sells her creations both on Etsy and on her website. She make videos about them and redirect their traffic to the links of her products.

Success Factors

One of the most common blunders is to create something that no one wants. Many resources are now available that allow you to poll your fans. Conduct pre-sale quizzes and produce in smaller quantities. Also, keep it as short as possible.

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring Through Youtube Channel
Private Tutoring Through Youtube Channel

Maintaining online classes has low costs. A significant amount of time is required as well. It has high Earning potential. People with large, highly engaged audiences are ideal candidates.

An example of this is IllGatesMusic. He is an electro musician and Disco jockey who is well-known for producing his beats and teaching. If you’re new to electronic music, you’ll almost certainly come across one of his video lessons, which has led to a flood of requests for private lessons.

Some YouTubers monetize their expertise by giving talks. Casey Neistat, a well-known influencer, has been invited to speak at universities and conferences, where they are often compensated.

Success Factors

You need to demonstrate your skills. This earning approach works best for experts or teachers. You should already have a lot of educational content available on your channel. Having a portfolio of previous work is also a plus. The portfolio can include recorded sessions with previous clients, before and after shots of the project you worked on, or data indicating how your services inspired their metrics.

The other this is when you have more requests than you can invest your time in it, don’t be afraid to charge more. You can even experiment charging the amount far more than you think you are capable of. Many creators have reported that they have made huge price jumps with little to no impact on demand.

Promote Your Mobile Applications, Programs, and e-Books

Promote Mobile Apps, Programs, & e-Books with Youtube Channel
Promote Mobile Apps, Programs, & e-Books with Youtube Channel

Investment is very low and a significant initial time would be required for this. Income is very high in this and everyone can use this. An example of this is Tim. Tim is a YouTube expert who could be used as an example in almost every section of this article, but his main source of revenue is from digital product sales: Tim uses a clever pricing strategy for his digital resources. He gives away valuable courses for free as a way to introduce his work and collect email addresses from potential customers. After that, he has a few courses at the intermediate to advanced level to sell for them.

Success Factors

Differentiate yourself from the masses to stand out. This does not require that you must be unique or unusual. Major points for differentiation may include things like quality and dependability. You can demonstrate them with testimonials or reviews.

Viewers can be inspired to purchase by reading the highlighted comments that appear in the comments section below your video.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Youtube Channel without Monetizing
Final Thoughts Youtube Channel without Monetizing

As you can see, there are numerous ways to make money on YouTube without relying on AdSense. Keep an open mind and see if you can use any of the above-mentioned tactics according to your niche, you’ll not only boost your profits, but you’ll also be helping your audience by making decisions that will keep them coming back for more.

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