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Hello, dear reader, and maybe a business partner. We are glad you have questions that we hope our team can answer.

You just need to decide what the question is:

Question based on blog materials

“How to do this or that?”, “What did you mean here?”, “Why do you have it written like that?”, “Where can I download it?”, “Why cannot I do it? “, “What do I need to work for?” etc.

A question about our services

“How to order a promotion?”, “Will your template suit my task?”, “Where can I place an order of content writing for my site?”, “Do you accept WebMoney?” etc.

Questions about blog content

If you have any question, you want to clarify something on the topic of the article or get advice in relation to your situation – please write your questions exclusively in the comments under the articles.

Please, do not write us questions in email, like: “I read the article, but it’s not like what I am looking for on your site.” All questions on any blog materials – please type in the comments under the article!

  • So that we can see in what context the question is asked, and not guess what it is asked for.
  • We can make appropriate changes to the article (because obviously, if a question is asked, then something in the article was not fully disclosed).
  • We have a special notification about new comments set up, which allows us to quickly track them without being distracted from our main work.
  • Good comments increase the SEO value of articles and our blog will grow more actively in the search, which We hope you (dear readers), wish too!:-)

Many questions from different people overlap with each other and therefore your question asked in the comments helps other people get an answer to their own similar question that they are just about to ask.

Questions about our services

But questions about services just shouldn’t be posted in the comments under the articles, they say, “How much does this and that cost?”, After all, they are comments for other readers, they are not interested in our private correspondence.

Therefore, write to us personally, and not to the whole world:

  • There is a desire to use our services.
  • Something on the site is not working as it should and you want to tell us about it.
  • Do you have a partnership offer?
  • Some question about the technical support of our products.

Do you want to advertise on our blog?

Please contact us via the form or Email.

Email: [email protected]