Let’s Do Expertnaire: Waka Waka – This Time For Africa


Here we are with an exciting way of earning for our friends in Africa; the popular and reliable https://expertnaire com/.

Founded by Toyin Omotoso in 2017,Nigerian based Expertnaire is Africa’s top online platform that provides a marketplace for digital products such as e-books, courses, webinars, and software. Expert Aire allows experts and creators to sell their knowledge and expertise to a global audience by creating and marketing their own digital products. The platform also provides tools and resources to help creators create, market and sell their products effectively. Expertnaire is popular in Africa and has been contributory in promoting digital entrepreneurship in the region.

Whom Expertnaire Is For?

If you are a Creator, expertnaire is for you. This platform is for creators who create digital products and sell online.

How It Works?

The business model of Expertnaire is primarily based on providing a marketplace for creators to sell their digital products to a global audience. The platform charges a commission on each sale, which varies depending on the product and the creator’s agreement with Expertnaire. The commission ranges from 20% to 60% of the sale price, with higher commission rates for some products.            

The platform provides a variety of tools and resources to help creators create, market, and sell their digital products more effectively. It also offers an affiliate program that allows individuals to promote other people’s products on the platform and earn a commission on each sale.

What You Can Offer On Expertnaire

You can offer a wide range of digital products on Expertnaire, including e-books, video courses, webinars, software, and membership programs. The products cover a diverse range of topics, such as personal development, business and entrepreneurship, health and fitness, digital marketing, and investment. Some of the most popular products on Expertnaire include:

  1. Digital marketing courses
  2. Online business courses and training programs
  3. Weight loss and fitness programs
  4. Forex trading courses
  5. Personal development and self-help products
  6. Real estate investment courses
  7. Cryptocurrency investment training programs
  8. Website and app development software
  9. Online coaching and mentorship programs

How Much You Can Earn Through Expertnaire

How Much You Can Earn On Expertnaire
How Much You Can Earn On Expertnaire

The earnings potential on Expertnaire is limitless, as there are creators who have made thousands of dollars selling their digital products on the platform. However, it takes effort, time, and dedication to create quality products and build an audience that is interested in buying them. Creators who are committed to creating valuable products and building their audience can earn a significant income on

The amount of money one can earn on Expertnaire depends on various factors such as the quality of the digital products they create, the demand for those products, their marketing skills, and the size of their audience.

I am sharing here examples of Two Online creators who are earning good on expertnaire.

  • Chinedu Obiano: Chinedu is a cryptocurrency trader who has sold his trading course on Expertnaire, generating over N30 million in revenue. He has also used the platform to build a community of cryptocurrency traders and investors.
  • Taiwo Dayo-Ayoola: Taiwo is a digital marketer who started selling his digital products on Expertnaire in 2019. Within a year, he had made over N14 million in revenue from his products, and he has continued to grow his income on the platform.

Step By Step Guide To Start Your Work On Expertnaire

Let’s not get distracted by extra details here is how you can start work on Expertaire:

  1. Signing up for an Expertnaire account: To list your products on Expertnaire, you need to have an account on the platform. You can sign up for an account on the Expertnaire website.
  2. Creating your product: Once you have an account, you can create your digital product. This can be an e-book, course, membership program, or any other digital product that you have expertise in.
  3. Setting your price: After creating your product, you can set the price that you want to sell it for. It’s important to research the market and price your product competitively to attract customers.
  4. Uploading your product: You will need to upload your digital product to the Expertnaire platform. Expertnaire provides an easy-to-use upload tool that makes it simple to upload your product.
  5. Creating your sales page: Next, you will need to create a sales page for your product. This page should include a description of your product, its benefits, and any other relevant information that will help potential buyers make a purchase decision.
  6. Promoting your product: Once your product is live on Expertnaire, you can start promoting it to potential buyers. Expertnaire offers various marketing tools and resources to help you reach your target audience and generate sales.

Selecting Your Work Area

Select Your Work Area On Expertnaire
Smartly Select Your Work Area On Expertnaire

Once you have registered yourself to work on expertnaire you need to select your work area . While selecting your work area you should consider following points.

  • Your interests and expertise: It is important to choose a work area that aligns with your interests and expertise. This will make it easier for you to create quality digital products that resonate with your target audience.
  • Market demand on Expertaire: It is also important to consider the demand for products in a particular work area. You can research the market and look for areas where there is a high demand for digital products.
  • Competition on Expertaire: Another factor to consider is the level of competition in a particular work area. You can research the platform and look for areas where there is less competition, which can make it easier for you to stand out and succeed.
  • Earning potential: You should also consider the profit potential of a particular work area. Look for areas where you can create high-quality digital products that can generate significant income for you.
  • Availability of resources: Finally, consider the availability of resources on Expertnaire for a particular work area. Look for areas where there are resources and tools available to help you create, market, and sell your digital products effectively.

The”ExpertClass Program

ExpertClass Program By Expertnaire
ExpertClass Program By Expertnaire

Expertnaire also provides a training and coaching program called “ExpertClass”. This program offers live training sessions with industry experts in various fields, and participants pay a fee to attend these sessions. Some of the salient features of ExpertClass include:

  • Live training sessions with experts: ExpertClass offers live training sessions with industry experts in various fields. Participants can interact with the experts and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered.
  • Access to recorded sessions: Even if a participant misses a live training session, they can access the recorded session later at their convenience.
  • A diverse range of topics: ExpertClass covers a diverse range of topics, including business and entrepreneurship, digital marketing, personal development, health and fitness, and investment.
  • Community support: Participants in ExpertClass can connect with other learners and share their experiences and insights.
  • Access to exclusive resources: ExpertClass participants get access to exclusive resources such as e-books, webinars, and other training materials.

One-Time Fee: ExpertClass is a one-time fee program, meaning that participants pay a one-time fee to gain lifetime access to the training materials and resources.

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