Legit Ways To Get Extra Income Online


Looking for ways to earn online? Looking for the ways for some online active or passive income streams? Here is how you can earn some legit income online.

You must have found a lot of guides on how to earn money online? But all are the same? Telling you some ‘Disney Vault’ secrets or advising you to invest in online trading while having no idea about how trade actually work? Right?

Nahhhh…. Let’s talk about something different. Frankly, never invest in anything unless you don’t completely get into that shit. Rather let’s talk about something that you actually can do and you actually want to do.

Shake hands with me and I’m gonna help you find what you actually can do that will ultimately result in earning a handsome amount of money.

“Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.” -Scott Alexander

So, unless making money doesn’t come out of your hobbies and it too becomes your hobby, it won’t be long lasting for you even if you find some really good ways to earn more in less time. If you have found a good way to earn money but it makes you feel exhausted after investing a few hours into it, it isn’t made for you, honestly.

Keeping this in mind, I’ll help you to go through multiple skills or talents that you have in yourself, but you may or may not know about them. After that you should move toward finding the most suitable way, out of many, to earn online. It will then eventually become a part of your hobbies and let you earn a long-lasting stream of income.

Discover your skills:

It is a complex task to percept yourself. Just as you cannot see your own nose, you often do not see the things that you are best at. You can discover your skills by making a list of your hobbies or try thinking about what you can do the best?

Pause here! Do What I said first…

Still in vain? Ok. Try remembering:

 Whenever you have a free calendar for a few hours. You begin your favorite activity. Maybe it’s playing guitar or gardening or writing some novel. Maybe it’s coding Python for that personal pet project you started months ago.

In this activity, your mind, body, and intuition begin working in perfect symmetry. You lose track of time. The flow of work makes you spend many hours in it and even forget that your belly needs something to digest. You are probably using one or more of your skills or talents in it. This is exactly the thing that can help you get paid. Because in online platforms, you can get paid for anything you can do.

How to cash your skills online?

There are multiple ways to get online income. For your ease, I have divided them into 2 categories:

  • Passive income
  • Active income

Passive Income

It doesn’t require effort on daily basis. But it often takes a little or more work to get up and running. Passive income is what everyone wishes for. After all, if you can earn money without working actively – after clearing some hurdles – can be a sweet deal, and can nicely extend your regular income. but it takes time to reach that level.

To start generating an online passive income you need to do some efforts in the beginning. You can only be successful in this if you just forget about the money in the beginning and keep doing what you love. Check out these ways to start generating an online passive income:

1. Become an Influencer

If you are confident enough and want to transform your job into something that you really love. This is the perfect idea for you to start. Most probably, you already have started it and just need to continue it.

Yes, I’m talking about your social media accounts! Do you know that if you have a reasonable amount of followers on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok account, you can cash them? You may be astonished about what I’m talking about. You can get paid for creating content about the brands you already love and use.

According to the statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo was the highest-paid Instagram influencer in 2019. He earned approximately one million dollars only from his sponsored posts on Instagram. It’s not just about celebrities and stars. Even small influencers can make more money than they could ever do in the past.

You just need to have a good number of followers. Instagram and YouTube are the easiest platforms to find followers. After gaining a good number of followers: you can post sponsored content, sell products on your own online store, do affiliate marketing (discussed later in this post), become a brand ambassador, or even get paid for your appearance in the events.

2. Create an Online Course

One of the best ways to make money online is to share the knowledge you have. If you are an expert on any subject. You can cash your expertise by making an online course. Udemy allows you to sell your courses. If you have your own website with a good audience, then it’s a better idea to sell them on your own website. It’s up to you to sell it or keep it free for your audience and play sponsored ads in it or whatever way you like to get paid for your efforts.

If you want your course to be successful and popular, you must watch the other courses on the same topic. You can find positive and negative aspects of those courses by reading the reviews on them. It will help you find what people like and what they dislike. Ultimately if you focus on solving the complaints you found in reviews of previous courses, you will be able to make a course better than them.

The amount of money you can generate from that course will be based on the platform you choose to sell your course. Udemy helps you a lot in promoting your course. So, without putting any extra effort into promoting it, you can get good sales. However, if you have published the course on your own website. You may have to run a different kind of ads to make it successful.

3. Publish an Ebook / Kindle Book

With KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), It has been easier than ever to publish an eBook. The total effort required for it is to write a book on some topic, format it, design a compelling cover, publish it, and promote it.

If you don’t get time even for this, you can hire a writer to write the content, a graphic designer for its cover, and a freelancer to format it. The only effort you need to put into this is to find proper keywords and narrow down your topic accordingly.

A pro-tip to get good sales on your book is to keep it free for a few days. It will help in getting a good rank in searches as well as getting good reviews. Then you can add some price for it, customers will attract to it after reading good reviews.

4. Start a Blog

One of the oldest methods to make money online is blogging. Anybody who loves writing can start by focusing on a niche of their own desire. You may find several blogs about cars, toys, fashion, and education, etc., which are narrowed down enough to get the most loyal and active followers.

To start a blog, you also need to focus on specific keywords that can later be grown to get more related spaces covered in it. It will help you built a huge blog over time. Out of several ways of earning money from a blog you can try affiliate marketing (discussed later), monetize it for AdSense, or get sponsored posts from brands related to your niche. Major platforms for blogging include WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, and Blogger.

5. Create an App

If app development is not one of your skills, you may find yourself helpless for this. But fortunately, you can find different platforms to make apps that don’t involve programming skills at all. Or you can also use the freelancing platforms to put your idea into working form by some freelancer.

To make money from the apps, you may have to place them at Android’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. You can find both, paid and free apps out there. But free apps often earn more than the paid ones. Free apps attract more amount of an audience and from the above-mentioned ideas (i.e., be an influencer, start a blog), it should be crystal clear for you that where there is an audience, there is a huge chance of earning money.

6. Sell Your Photography

Whether you are just a noob who love taking good snaps or you are a professional photographer. You can get paid for your photographs in several ways. You can sell your clicks on the platforms like Shutterstock, gettyimages, AdobeStock, and iStock, etc. You can also participate in several photography competitions, or run your social accounts for photography to attract sponsors and buyers.

7. Affiliate Marketing

If you are an influencer or have a good audience on any platform including your YouTube channel, a blog, or even an App. You can start earning a fast and huge amount of money by promoting the products, services, or offers of different brands online.

All eCommerce platforms allow you to do affiliate marketing with them. You simply have to place the links of their products or services on your channel, social media account, or whatever source of audience you have. If anybody buys their product or services from the link you shared, you will get a good percentage of commission. It is the best and fastest way to cash your social presence into money.

Active Income

Active income is the direct result of a specific effort. It is the opposite of passive income. This is a little faster process to start earning online but it will get you paid exactly what you have done for. But according to your skills, there can be a good chance that you earn even more profit than the above-mentioned ideas of passive income. Here is what you can do for an active income: 

1. Start Your eCommerce Store

eCommerce (or Electronic Commerce) is a business model that allows a firm or an individual to purchase or sell things over the internet. Motivation to start an eCommerce business can vary from person to person. Many entrepreneurs start it as a supplement to their existing physical store to enhance their income stream. They often take it as a hobby. While some have online store only and often take it as their primary job.

If you have some motivation to start your eCommerce store. You should have (or find) some potential products. After you confirm the availability of the products, decide a brand name, and secure your online presence. You can choose different platforms same as the blog (discussed above) or make your own website from scratch. Shopify, Wix, and WordPress, etc., allow you to make an online store by combining multiple built-in features.

2. Start Dropshipping

The idea of dropshipping has grown very fast in the last few years. There are entrepreneurs who have made more than $6,000 in less than 2 months from Dropshipping. If you still don’t have an idea about dropshipping, you are a lot behind many people seeking to earn online.

It is a business model in which you sell products to a customer but your only duty is taking orders. The suppliers of the product do the rest. It is the duty of the supplier to get the product ready and deliver it to your customer on your behalf. Shopify and Oberlo have made it easy for you. With Oberlo you have an access to millions of products from AliExpress to customize the products and add them to your online store. You can place the order in the name of your customer on AliExpress after receiving the order on your own online store.

3. Consider Freelancing

Freelancing is for everyone. If you can do anything on your laptop or mobile, you must have some good chances to earn through it. If you know graphic designing, teaching, coding, writing, or even if you don’t know any of them. You should at least know how to fill a spreadsheet. You can get a job here.

Just what you have to do is to advertise your skill on freelancing platforms and get potential clients. Whatever you can do, there will be several clients looking for people like you to get their job done. There is a long list of platforms for this. Major freelance websites include Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. If you don’t find any skill that you can use there to get some projects, you can learn some very easy skills online to get your career initiated from here.

Moreover, you need to have a strong portfolio to make money online as a freelancer. You will get several ideas on how to start working online. The only thing you need to do here is to keep trying and improving yourself until you don’t start getting regular jobs/projects. Just never lose heart and you will be succeeded.

4. Become an Online Tutor

If you are good at any subject and you are confident enough to teach it, you can make a lot of money by teaching online. You can even choose your own hours of teaching. Having a degree, experience, or other related certifications can be very helpful for this job to showcase and stand above others.

If you are not the best at something, you probably shouldn’t offer teaching/tutoring on that specific topic. Similarly, if you are an expert on a topic/subject, teaching may be the best and fastest way to earn money online. Many platforms offer online tutoring jobs like Chegg Tutors, Tutor Me, Tutor.com, Yup, and Cambly, etc.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs are building their businesses these days. Most of them don’t afford to have full-time assistants but they need them. What they do is, find virtual assistants to do a variety of tasks. As a virtual assistant, you are may be asked to do tasks like order processing, content writing, social media management, and customer support, etc.

You can find virtual assistant jobs at VirtualAssistantJobs, Indeed, and Upwork, etc. many people also find the jobs of virtual assistant by directly approaching the brands and entrepreneurs and asking them if they need their services as a virtual assistant. You are more likely to find this kind of client if you have a good social media presence as well.


Working online can help you earn some extra side money, but if you are a consistent and hard-working kind of personality, it can also help you escape your 9 to 5 job and make you become a full-time and successful entrepreneur. You can get more financial freedom and gain more financial security that will ultimately lead you to live a life on your own terms. If you work hard and stick with it, you can earn a lot more than many physical jobs. So, which kind of online work you are planning to try first? 😉

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